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Anshan Zizhu Rail Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd
Add: 16th Floor, Block C, Shangjia Building, No. 11 Liudao Street, Tiedong District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, China 114001

International Sales




Mobile Phone


Vice Manager

Mr. Enbo Yu



Steel Rail Sales Manager of Asian and Australia Market

Ms. Carol Ba



Steel Rail Sales Manager of Korean Market

Ms. Eunsuk Moon



Steel Sheet Pile Sales Manager of Asian Market

Mr. Frank Xu



Steel Sheet Pile Sales Manager of American and Middle East Market

Mr. Yorke Meng



Sales Manager of European, American and African Market

Mr. Adam Li



Sales Manager of Russian Market

Ms. Isabella Shao



Sales Manager

Mr. Kevin Yu



Manager of international Tender Department

Mr. Vincent Zhao



Handling Complaint Department

Ms. Will Wang